Excerpts on my personal relation to filmmaking from an interview for the Motorcycle Film Festival:

 I always try to make film more sensory by using texture, motion and focus as layers. A film shouldn't just be just a window that you look through, but light and shadow veils that you can move through... Kind of like the difference between driving a car past a dirt field with the windows rolled up versus being on a motorcycle- then you can smell that it's actually a strawberry patch!

   Rhythm is a valuable tool. Songs are for story telling. I do a lot of in-camera editing. Having a song in my head helps me keep a sense of pace. Cutting to music in the edit room is like collaborating with an old friend!

   I enjoy Super 8 for it's graininess. It's also a small format that is portable. You know, hidden easily if you have to throw it in your backpack and take off on your bike! A lot of additional personality comes out of the images by altering the speed, double exposing or by making adjustments in the processing.

  Hand-developing can be a great tool for the right project. The great thing about film is that there are so many steps along the way during which you can add flavor to the recipe!

“Toast!” I may have heard every toast joke in the world - but I'm open to ideas! :)

I am a visual artist who stumbled into the automotive industry thru my love of motorcycles and strong coffee. By attending rise 'n shine meet-ups and parking lot concourse events, I grew to love learning how to fix things the "old way." Absorbing as much as I could from legends like Homer Knapp, I learned to work thru the challenges of recreating obsolete parts and pieces. Along the way I was able to develop inspiring, life-long friendships with the varied characters of the greasy underground: both passionate purists and piece-it-together mutts. 

At the same time, I've had the privilege to work in broadcasting with state-of-the-art mediums, formats and workflows. For years I enjoyed successive recruitments into various positions in network operations; gaining valuable experience in many areas of television broadcast operations. I loved both the dynamic workflow of ever-developing technologies and the split-second decision making required when fully immersed in the broadcast workflow. It was a thrill to contribute innovative ideas as part of a NABET 53 engineering crew.

Today I enjoy an opportunity that allows me to combine my knowledge, experience and strengths into a management position in the automotive restoration industry. At Rocky Roads, my communication and collaboration skills come in handy! I have continued to develop leadership expertise, negotiation skills and problem solving abilities. I enjoy practicing the art of conflict resolution, time management, and critical thinking. As a vital contributor, I measure my success in the accomplishments of the Team: their productivity, enthusiasm and drive.

Regardless of my 'day job' - I maintain a personal commitment to storytelling as a passionate filmmaker, photographer and songwriter. I push myself to explore technical assignments and to combine techniques with inspired ideas. I often provide myself restrictions, limitations, and defined parameters [to my work], in order to bring creativity to the forefront.

While I usually work with with obsolete mediums, I'm not afraid of futuristic technology, and love to combine formats. I've had many viewers and collaborators express to me that they recognize my films, photos and songs as having a 'signature style.' I have to admit it's still undefined... Varied but common subjects are just as often the places and people I don't know -- as those I am familiar with. I just want to make films (not sense)...

​I'm open to collaboration - what about you!? :)

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you would like to propose a project or know more about what I'm currently producing. I look forward to hearing from you!

Toastacia (Toast) Boyd