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Toastacia Boyd

 From an interview for the Motorcycle Film Festival:

 I always try to make film more sensory by using texture, motion and focus as layers. A film shouldn't just be just a window that you look through, but light and shadow veils that you can move through... Kind of like the difference between driving a car past a dirt field with the windows rolled up versus being on a motorcycle- where you can smell that it's actually a strawberry patch!

   I find rhythm is a valuable tool for story telling. Since I do a lot of in-camera editing, always having a song in my head helps me keep a sense of pace. I love cutting to music in the edit room; It's like collaborating with an old friend!

   I shoot film for its texture and graininess. I use Super 8 a lot because it's small and portable. You know, hidden easily if you have to throw it in your jacket and take off on your bike! You can really get a lot of personality out of it by altering the speed of the images while shooting, and later in the development processing.

 Yes, hand-developing can be a great tool for the right project. There are so many steps along the way to add flavor to the recipe.